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Erik Garland - South West

SW GARLAND Erik VBErik Garland, 25, from Taunton was killed in a collision in March 2012. Erik was killed when a taxi turning right into a side road failed to spot him coming the other way on his motorbike and ran into him. Paramedics and bystanders attempted to save Erik, but he later died at hospital. Erik was just five minutes from home.

Brendan Cox, 33, from Taunton, was convicted of causing death by careless driving. The judge described the cause of the crash as a "momentary lapse of concentration". Cox was given 240 hours community service, a 12 month community order, nine points and was ordered to pay a fine and costs.

Janet Garland, Erik's mother, who is supporting Road Safety Week 2013, said: "Erik was such a thoughtful young man, who would do anything for anyone. It's every parent's worst nightmare to see their child die before they do. When you're driving, the smallest distraction can lead to horrendous suffering and needless loss of life. I find it horrifying so many people think they can multitask at the wheel, when the consequences can be so awful. Drivers have a responsibility to do everything they can to stay focused on the road, to protect themselves and others. That means not using your phone, or fiddling with your stereo, or driving when you're stressed or emotional, and making sure you're 100% tuned in to the road, because it can take just a second to destroy a life."

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