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Zoë Carvin - North East

NE CARVIN Zoe VBZoë Carvin, 42, a teacher at Eglingham First School, near Alnwick, and mother of two children from Northumberland, was killed in a road crash in February 2006.

Zoë and her mum Veronica had spent a leisurely morning walking her two dogs on a local beach. On their drive home, they stopped at a set of traffic lights on the A1 near Denwick, where a lorry crashed into them and two other cars. The lorry driver was texting and hadn't noticed the traffic had stopped. Zoë died at the scene from her injuries. Veronica and five other people were injured.

Andrew Chrisp, 26, from Alnwick, Northumberland, was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, sentenced to three years in prison and banned from driving for five years.

Zoë's daughter Emily Carvin, 18, who is supporting Road Safety Week 2013, said: "My mum's death left our family devastated, and me and my brother without a mother. No one can bring her back, but we can help to stop other families going through the ordeal we have. I urge everyone to give the road their full attention while driving, so other lives are not destroyed. Turn your phone off or on silent and out of sight – ideally in the boot to avoid temptation. There's no excuse for risking people's lives just for a call or text."

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