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Imogen Cauthery - London

Lond CAUTHRAY Imogen VBWhen Imogen Cauthery, from Crouch End in London, was nine years old she was hit by a car in 1996. The driver, who was talking on a mobile phone at the time, didn't even stop to check if she was alive.

Imogen was crossing the road with her mum, sister and a friend. Everyone was in a line ready to cross. Imogen was just ahead of the rest of the group on the edge of the pavement when a car veered towards them and hit her, before driving off. Imogen was sent flying.

A local doctor, who saw the crash from his window, rushed to help and provided CPR, which saved Imogen's life. She was rushed to hospital and remained in a coma for 10 days. It took three months before she was able to return to school, but even then she continued to suffer because of the crash. She suffered long-term debilitating injuries including brain damage that affects her memory and her ability to achieve her ambitions. To this day she continues to experience epilepsy seizures caused by the crash, and recently underwent brain surgery to try to end them. The crash also deeply affected her older sister, who witnessed the crash.

Imogen, now 26, is supporting Road Safety Week 2013. She said: "When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, your actions and decisions are critical. And if you don't respect the power you have, and give driving your full attention, then you could inflict enormous suffering on someone else, or yourself. It's awful that so many drivers think it's okay to use their phone at the wheel, when someone could pay the price of their life for that call or text. Please don't take your licence for granted; tune into road safety and make a commitment to stay focused and never use technology at the wheel."

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