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Lorna Foley - East Anglia

Lorna Foley, 21, from Northampton, was seriously injured in a crash caused by a driver talking on a mobile phone in August 2010. Lorna was a passenger in her boyfriend's car when driver Lillian Green, 60, travelling in the opposite direction pulled into their path, hitting them head on. Lorna suffered a six inch gash to her head, deep lacerations to her left arm, a fractured wrist and dislodged vertebrae in her back. She was told her head injury would take at least two years to recover from and the damage to her back is likely to cause problems with walking and exercise for the rest of her life.

Green was convicted of dangerous driving. She received a nine month suspended sentence and an 18 month driving ban.

Lorna, who is supporting Road Safety Week 2013 said: "The driver who injured me was more concerned with his call than the lives of other people or even herself. I suffered awful injuries I'll have to live with for the rest of my life, but I'm thankful I'm still alive – it could have been even worse. If you drive and use a phone at the wheel, to chat, text or anything else, you can't be paying full attention, and in the blink of an eye it could lead to tragedy. I never use my phone when driving because I understand the consequences. I urge all drivers to commit to never using their phone at the wheel either – turn it off or put it in the boot to avoid the temptation. It just isn't worth it: find a safe spot, pull-up and make your call then."


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