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Jemma O’Sullivan - Yorkshire

Y OSULLIVAN Jemma VBJemma O'Sullivan, 22, was killed in a crash caused by a texting driver on M18 near Doncaster in September 2010. She was travelling in a car driven by her boyfriend on a sunny Friday afternoon. They were stopped in traffic, at around 3.40pm, when a lorry, driven by Christopher Kane, 67, slammed into the back of their car. The lorry pushed their car under the truck in front before smashing through the central reservation, causing a pile up. Jemma was killed and her boyfriend suffered serious injuries.

Kane, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, admitted causing death by dangerous driving and was sentenced to five years in jail. He had been writing a number of text messages while his lorry was on cruise control.

Jemma, originally from Limerick in Ireland, was about to start her final year as a pharmacy student, and was due to start work at a hospital in Newcastle after completing her studies. Her parents, Vincent and Margaret O'Sullivan, are supporting Road Safety Week.

Vincent said: "Jemma was a bright and intelligent young woman, who brought nothing but joy to everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her. Our family will never be the same without her; not being able to see Jemma to say goodbye and losing her in this way is something that we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives. It is unbearable to think Jemma was killed for the sake of a text message. We are appealing to all drivers: please don't kid yourself you can get away with multi-tasking at the wheel. No text, call or other distraction is worth taking someone's life and inflicting terrible suffering on an innocent family."

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