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Families affected by driver distraction

Bereaved families and injured volunteers are speaking out about the consequences of driver distraction during Road Safety Week, 18 - 24 November. National media contact Ellen Booth, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 01484 550067, out of hours 07976 069159, to arrange to interview any of these volunteers.

Brian Pattinson - North East
Grandfather Brian Pattinson, 72, from Durham, was killed when a car coming the other way spun into his path, hitting him head on. The other driver had run into the back of a row of stationary cars, spinning out of control. Bristow's lawyer later said he'd had a momentary lapse in concentration. Read more.

Erik Garland - South West
Erik Garland, 25, from Taunton was killed in a road crash in March 2012. A taxi turning right into a side road failed to spot him coming the other way on his motorbike and ran into him. The judge described the cause of the crash as a "momentary lapse of concentration". Read more.

Imogen Cauthery - London
When Imogen Cauthery, from Crouch End in London, was nine years old she was hit by a driver on a mobile phone. Imogen was in a coma for ten days, and suffers from a life-long brain injury that causes her seizures and memory loss. Read more.

Jemma O'Sullivan - Yorkshire
Jemma O'Sullivan, 22, was killed in a crash caused by a texting truck driver on M18 near Doncaster in September 2010. Her parents, Vincent and Margaret O'Sullivan, are supporting Road Safety Week. Read more.

Joe Wilkins - South
Joe Wilkins, 39, from Eynsham in Oxfordshire, was killed when cycling in May 2012 by a driver who was eating at the wheel and claims he didn't spot him. Read more.

Jordan Bone - East Anglia
Jordan Bone, 23, from Norfolk, was left paralysed from the chest down after being involved in a crash as a passenger with an inexperienced driver when she was just 15. She was one of four young people in the car, with the stereo turned up when the driver lost control. Since then she's worked to raise awareness of the dangers of not giving roads your full attention and taking your responsibilities seriously, particularly among young people. Read more.

Lorna Foley - East Anglia
Lorna Foley, 21, from Northampton, was seriously injured in a crash caused by a driver on a mobile phone in August 2010. Damage to her back is likely to cause problems with walking and exercise for the rest of her life. Read more.

Mary Rutherford - Humberside
Mary Rutherford, 68, from Withernsea in Hull, was killed by a texting driver in May 2011. The driver veered across the road and hit Mary's car head-on. Mary had only recently been told she was in remission after a five year long fight with cancer. Read more.

Paul Collins - West Midlands
Paul Collins, 62, from Warwickshire was killed on his way to a family Christmas dinner in December 2011. He was riding his motorcycle down the A422 near Stratford-upon-Avon, when Anthony Brooker, 73, turned right to drive into a side road in front of him. Brooker said afterwards he hadn't noticed Paul. Read more.

Pauline Rogers - West Midlands
Pauline Rogers, from Erdington, Birmingham, was seriously injured by a distracted driver as she walked home from work in February 2005. She was hit on a zebra crossing by a driver who was not paying attention because he was fiddling with a music tape. Pauline was knocked unconscious with life-threatening injuries to her head and face; she was in a coma for weeks and almost every bone in her face was broken. She now has three metal plates in her head and continues to suffer memory loss and headaches. Read more.

Zoë Carvin - North East
Zoë Carvin, 42, from Northumberland, was killed by a texting lorry driver in February 2006. Her daughter Emily Carvin, 18, is supporting Road Safety Week, and urges drivers to never use a mobile phone when driving. Read more.

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