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Guy Preston

RSW14-GuyPreston-1weekaftercrashGuy Preston, 18, from Beverley, was knocked from his bike in 2010 by a car travelling along the A1079. He spent three weeks in hospital suffering terrible pain and lost the majority of his childhood memories, alongside the ability to run or play football.

Guy sustained multiple open fractures, including one to his skull as well as internal bruising. His recovery has been aided by NHS physiotherapy and outpatient workshops, but his injuries affect his day-to-day life to this day. No charges were pressed against the driver.

RSW14-GuyPreston-leg2weeksaftercrashGuy says: "Those three weeks after the crash were some of my darkest moments. Going from being so independent to needing support with every activity is a crushing blow to an individual's self-esteem. My family was my rock, but every day was an immense struggle, and I felt lonely and isolated. Throughout my three years at university, my injuries were still a burden. To this day, I experience constant pain and aching in my left leg. On a good day, I can tolerate the aching, but on a bad day, I am unable to walk and confined to my bed. Despite my disabilities, I am hopeful for the future. I will never be able to run again. I will never be able to dance at my wedding, or play football with my children. I have lost almost all my memories from my childhood, and I still struggle to remember things in my day-to-day life. But I realise I am lucky to be alive. I have been given a second chance at life, and I intend to make the most of it. This Road Safety Week, I'm asking everyone to look out for each other on the roads, and in particular drivers to slow down to 20mph in communities and give vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists plenty of room.''

Pictures: Guy one week after the crash (top); Guy's leg two weeks after the crash (bottom).

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