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Jason MacIntyre

RSW14-JasonMacIntyre-2-weddingJason MacIntyre, 34, from Fort William, was a well-known Scottish racing cyclist. He was hit by a van and killed while on his bike on 15 January 2008.

Jason was on a trial cycle ride at 1.20pm when he was hit by a council pickup van on Carrs Corner, on the A82 in Fort William. The driver of the car behind saw Jason and braked in good time. The van driver, council worker Robert MacTaggart, did not, claiming not to have seen him. Jason was knocked off his bike and onto the road, suffering severe head injuries. He was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 1.55pm.

The court case took place during the Beijing Olympics, where Jason may otherwise have been competing, having been in the selection stages when he was killed. MacTaggart pleaded guilty to careless driving and received a six month driving ban and £500 fine.

Jason was not only a talented international cyclist, but a compassionate and caring family man, who took two years off at the peak of his career to care for his sick daughter, Morgan. Morgan was born without any kidneys, and had to spend over a year in hospital. Initially, she was given only a 4% chance of survival. Jason supported Morgan, her twin sister Chloe, and his wife Caroline through this difficult time, putting his cycling career on hiatus.

Caroline MacIntyre, Jason's wife, says: "The crash has had a catastrophic impact on our lives; it is with us on a daily basis, not only for me, but for our daughters. It has been seven years since the crash and it never gets easier. I'm not sure it's fully sunk in for any of us yet. As an up and coming cycling star he had lots of supporters who were also devastated. He was the most incredible husband and father throughout the difficulties we had with our daughter Morgan being in intensive care, and he put his family above anything. It is devastating for me to be bringing up our children without their father. It takes just a few moments to double check for vulnerable road users like Jason on his bike, and a moment of impatience can cost someone their life. Is that something you can live with on your conscience? So my message to drivers is please, slow down and take your time to look out for people – don't risk destroying lives."

Picture: Jason and Caroline on their wedding day with their daughters Morgan and Chloe.

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