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Nicholas Andrews

RSW14-NicholasAndrews-childhoodNicholas Andrews, 17, from Redditch, was hit by a car while walking in 2005. He suffered serious head injuries and died five days later.

Nicholas and his friend Daniel had been walking in a woodland when they decided to go to a nearby shop, along the A435 Birmingham Road in Mappleborough Green. Nicholas was walking along a grass verge when he was hit. Nicholas did not regain consciousness before he died in hospital. The driver was not charged as the specific details of the crash could not be confirmed, and a verdict of 'accidental' death was recorded.

Nicholas had been working at a local lighting warehouse. He was due a promotion, but this never happened. He is remembered as a hardworking boy who lived life to the full, and was adored by all his family and friends. Nicholas was extremely practical and helped his dad work on cars and motorbikes. They had planned to re-build a motorbike from scratch together – a plan that was tragically unfulfilled.

Helen Andrews, Nicholas' sister, says: "Nicholas's death has been horrendous for me and my family. We think about him every day. He was the best big brother anyone could ever ask for. He was so popular, funny and kind, and he could always make you laugh even if you felt like the world was ending – which, for me, it did when he died. The house was so empty and silent. I hated it. This huge personality, this beautiful person with the most wonderful smile, was gone. This Road Safety Week, we are asking all drivers to be as vigilant as possible to protect others. I always take care to look out for cyclists and pedestrians when I am driving as they can easily make mistakes, which they don't deserve to die for."

Picture: Nicholas and Helen as children.

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