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Timothy Igoea

RSW14-TimIgoea-2Timothy Igoea, 44, from Heighington, Lincolnshire, was crossing the road on 29 April 2011 when he was hit on the back of the head by a van wing mirror. He subsequently died in hospital.

The collision happened at the junction of Sheepwash Lane, Station Road and Branston Road in Heighington, near Lincoln. The driver of the van was later given a six month community service order and a one year driving ban.

Tim, known to his friends as 'Iggy', had had more than his fair share of trauma. He was involved in a previous crash in which a car collided with his motorcycle. He was so severely injured that he was pronounced dead at the scene; miraculously, he survived. However, he had to have his right arm amputated and spent a whole year in hospital recovering from his injuries.

Tim was known for his fighting personality and determination not to let his injuries affect his life. He refused to have a wheelchair and constructed a motorcycle adapted to his disabilities, for use with one arm. The bike was completed just a few days before the fatal collision.

Timothy's brother, Gary Igoea, lives in Lincoln. He says: "Tim's death affected everybody in so many different ways. He was a truly special man; there are not many people you will meet in life like him. There was a strength about him that would dumbfound anyone, especially after his first crash; he almost pushed his disabilities to one side in his determination. I am so proud to have had a brother like Tim – when most people would have crumbled, he stayed strong. He had an incredible passion for life and he was taken from us and his family too early. That's why, this Road Safety Week, I want to tell people that when you get into a car, it's like holding a loaded gun: you have the power to destroy both the life of the victim and the lives of their family and friends. So please, look out for each other, don't be complacent, and be courteous on the road."

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