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Road Safety Week is an ideal opportunity to promote life-saving messages and show your commitment to road safety to employees and their families, customers, suppliers and your local community.

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"Getting involved in Road Safety Week really helps us generate awareness about road safety year-round and get the message across to employees and our community. There are so many ways to take part - we would urge all companies to do so and help make roads safer."Chris Hughes, risk manager, Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions

Why take part?

Hundreds of employers use the Week to train staff, raise awareness, or partner with local schools, community groups and road safety professionals to promote safer roads. For example, last year Yorkshire-based firm BigChange ran a week of activities for staff, including an event with racing car driver Nic Hamilton, pictured top right. Many employers use the Week as a springboard to launch year-round road safety programmes.

How to get involved

Register for Road Safety Week 2018 by using our online form, and you'll receive a free online action pack with lots more advice, ideas and resources linked to the 2018 theme Bike Smart. These include guidance sheets, facts sheets, infographics and interactive tools for both adults and children.

Attend our free webinar to hear from companies that have previously taken part in Road Safety Week and get ideas on running successful activities and communication campaigns in your organisation and community.


Make some noise

Whatever you’re planning for Road Safety Week, make sure you let others know about it! There will be plenty of graphics and tools for social media in your action pack, but also use our we're taking part (yn Gymraeg) and we ♥ Road Safety (yn Gymraeg) posters to start the conversations now.

Also, please tell us about it by completing our online registration form. This helps us assess the impact of the Week, and we may also be able to offer you additional support, such as helping you achieve media coverage.

Why not: promote participation to colleagues, local groups and educators by using our e-flyers? You can use these on social media or through bulletins too. You can also print them off and put them on display.
Download: get involved poster (yn Gymraeg); educator poster  (yn Gymraeg); road safety professional poster.

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