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Police forces - get involved!

Police forces are ideally placed to deliver powerful road safety messages within their communities, through enforcement programmes, public events, awareness-raising campaigns and initiatives with schools and colleges. Road Safety Week is an ideal time to run road safety activities, and the participation of police forces has helped to make the Week a continued success over the years.

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Below are some easy ways that police forces can benefit from being involved in the Week, and support Brake's work to improve road safety in the UK:

RSW18 CCABangham"I want us to have the safest roads in the world and would encourage all police forces to get involved in Road Safety Week and join local initiatives to help prevent death and injury on our roads. This week is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the dangers present on our roads every day and to promote positive changes to the way we use them."Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) lead for Roads Policing

Work with the media

RSW18 police mediaRoad Safety Week is an ideal time to get heightened media coverage for your enforcement campaigns or their results, or any education initiative in which you are involved.

Brake also coordinates regional media launches in major cities - call us on 01484 559909 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about our launch event plans and how we can work together.

Schedule heightened enforcement checks

RSW18 police speed gunEvery year, police forces run enforcement checks, often tying in with the RSW theme.

RSW is an ideal opportunity to schedule heightened enforcement checks, including checks that protect vulnerable road users. This could include speed enforcement and the need for drivers and riders to stay within speed limits. Or carry out spot checks to make sure all vehicles, including bikes, are roadworthy and legal.

Why not: work with partner organisations to run multi-agency events? Road Safety Week is an ideal time to bring together everyone who helps keep us safe on our roads.

Display a giant Road Safety Week banner

Raise awareness about road safety in your local community by sponsoring a giant Road Safety Week banner (5m x 1m). Banners include your logo and a message chosen by you from a list of options. You can display the banner on your station, or on another prominent local building (such as a university, train station or town hall).

We're producing new designs for 2020. See last year's artwork on our banners page.

Why not: team up with other road safety professionals and split the cost? Most designs have plenty of room for partner organisation logos too and you can display them at various sites.

Run partnership community awareness activities

RSW18 police cycleUse our flagship national event to work with your partners to deliver community awareness activities: demonstrate the dangers posed to riders with a town-centre roadshow; work with a local haulage company to demonstrate truck blind spots to cyclists; or tour schools to talk about staying safe on roads.

Your local council, fire service, schools and colleges may be planning to get involved in Road Safety Week too, so it's a great chance to work together and pool resources.

Why not: take a look at our Road Safety Week map and see who else has activities planned in your local area.

Be a Road Safety Superhero

RSW18 superheroesThe life-saving work you carry out on a daily basis already makes you a superhero, so why not dress like one? Team up with Brake's Pledge Squad and dress as your favourite superhero to raise money for Brake. Whether you put on a character t-shirt or a full costume, with your support, we can create a world of zero deaths or serious injuries on our roads.

To find out more about running a Road Safety Superhero Day or for more fundraising tips visit our fundraising page.

Make some noise

RSW19 poster involvedWhatever you’re planning for Road Safety Week, make sure you let others know about it! There will be plenty of graphics and tools for social media in your action pack, but also use our promoting road safety online pack to start the conversations now.

Also, please tell us about it by completing our online registration form. This helps us assess the impact of the Week, and we may also be able to offer you additional support, such as helping you achieve media coverage.

Read about what road safety professionals did for Road Safety Week in 201920182017 and 2016.

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