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Employer activities 2018

Thank you to all the companies who joined Brake in Road Safety Week 2018 to promote road safety to their staff and in their communities. Here are some of the great and innovative workshops, roadshows and other awareness-raising events that were held to spread the Bike Smart message and raise vital funds to support Brake's work.
You can read more in our evaluation report.

Tracey Fuller Arval RSW181

supported RSW once again through a range of activities. Engagement Manager Tracey Fuller, pictured, organised a Virtual Cycle. Throughout the week her and her colleagues took to the company’s gym bikes in Swindon and Manchester and pedalled a fantastic 1,912km. This helped Brake smash its target of cycling 9,740km in memory of the 9,740 cyclists and motorcyclists who are killed or seriously injured on our roads each year. The team also raised £827 for Brake. The company also promoted RSW to staff and clients through their communication channels, including bulletins detailing top Bike Smart tips.

Gilmourton3Brain Injury Group ran a poster competition at 15 schools and presented prizes to the winners. They received very positive feedback, which is proven by schools returning year after year for the competition. RSW gives the Group the opportunity to send out important messages to young children and reaches out to those who have had personal experience with danger on the road, including its members.

Rowfant Superhero day
raised a heroic £374.62 for Brake by running a Road Safety Superhero Day. Staff swapped their usual attire to dress up as their favourite superheroes to help spread road safety messages, while raising vital funds for Brake.

RSW18 companies CoopFoodHR MapplewellsPrimary2
Co-op Food HR
visited children at Mapplewells Primary and Nursery School, in Nottinghamshire, to help them learn about blind spots on lorries. They also talked to the children about dangers they may face when cycling to school. The children were given a workbook to fill out and received a Co-op goodie bag.


DevittDevitt Insurance Services co-sponsored RSW2018, resulting in the company logo being included on all resources that were available via the free online action pack. The logo also featured on the website, banners, volunteer t-shirts and social media infographics. As well as supporting Brake’s national media story, Brake and Devitt worked with British Red Cross to create some motorcycle rider first aid advice and quiz. The team also attended Motorcycle Live at the NEC in Birmingham throughout RSW. Brake and Devitt staff helped raise awareness about the safety of motorcyclists and gave away free first aid postcards.

RSW18 Glasgow
Digby Brown
once again supported Brake by organising our national Virtual Cycle event in Glasgow. Staff took to their static bike inside intu Braehead shopping centre on the Thursday of RSW, helping cycle 240km towards our overall total. They were joined by members of the public, including players and staff from St Mirren FC and Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey team.

RSW18 companies EdwWalkOpticians15
Edwards and Walker Opticians
in Doncaster used RSW to raise awareness with colleagues and customers of their 'Say no to driving blind' campaign, creating a window display with RSW posters and asking customers to sign their petition.  Colleagues made people aware of what RSW was and had props to help people show their support on social media.


Eurovia logo 2013Eurovia UK Ltd wanted to get involved with RSW because they saw its importance as a highway construction and maintenance firm whose employees spend a lot of time on the road. To raise awareness about road safety issues for those on two wheels, posters were put on display on all their notice boards. During the week they also engaged on social media by publishing Brake’s logos to show their involvement and support for RSW. They distributed their “Cones in the Roadworks” book to schools in the UK including a local primary school in Manchester where they conducted a ‘design a helmet’ competition.

RSW18 companies First4lawyers helmetcomp 1First4Lawyers ran its Cycle Safety Competition throughout November, with voting taking place during RSW. The competition encouraged Key Stage 2 pupils from across the country to design their own unique helmet. Eight winners had their helmet designs brought to life with help from LW Graphics and 3M Innovation Centre at Huddersfield University. First4Lawyers received more than 4,500 entries and had Brake on hand to help judge. Staff hope to run it again in 2019. To see a video of the winning designs click here.

RSW18 companies Ford London Cycling CampaignFord co-sponsored RSW2018, resulting in the company logo being included on all resources that were available via the free online action pack. The logo also featured on the website, banners, volunteer t-shirts and social media infographics. As well as supporting Brake’s national media story, the Ford team joined Brake at the Houses of Parliament for an engagement event with MPs. Ford VRU headsets and a static bike helped give MPs an impression of the challenges bike riders face when sharing the road with drivers. Ford's Transport Operations team also changed places with the London Cycling Campaign to view the perspective of other road users. The activity was filmed and released during RSW to help raise awareness.

RSW18 companies IMPSInjury Minimization Programme for Schools (I.M.P.S.) delivered sessions to year six classes in Hull about the importance of wearing a helmet and being safe when cycling. IMPS used real life scenarios of cyclist incidents and asked the pupils to identify what the cyclist could have done to make themselves safer in that situation. They were also shown x-rays of a cyclists skull and pictures of a damaged helmet to reinforce these important messages.

IrwinMitchell small
Irwin Mitchell used RSW to raise awareness of their serious injury team to show to vital work that they do and to demonstrate their 'expert hand, human touch' approach through their case studies. They also contacted the media to highlight this and raise awareness of Brake.

RSW18 case studies companies Kier ConstructionKier Construction involved more than 200 members of staff and around 350 subcontractors in Merseyside and North Wales during RSW. Kier ran a competition at their office and sites from the information provided in the resource pack, as well as creating notice boards with chocolate prizes as rewards. It generated a lot of interest in the office and conversations about road safety. Kier Construction use large machinery, which is transported off site, so wanted to raise awareness about the importance of protecting their local communities when using roads.

RSW18 companies KwikFitKwik Fit sponsored our new Smart Drivers are Bike Smart leaflet and door hanger, which helped raise awareness about the simple actions drivers can take to protect those on two wheels. 121,200 leaflets went on display across all 606 Kwik Fit centres for customers to take away. A further 20,000 hangers were ordered through our online shop, and more were distributed for free to other professionals, including emergency services. Kwik Fit staff ran community activities at RAF bases, colleges and local businesses where they shared our advice along with Kwik Fit’s car maintenance tips. The company also offered free tyre checks during the week and displayed Bike Smart messaging on their in centre screens.

211118WC1 003McCulla Ireland Ltd, along with Lisburn and Castlereagh Council and Dennison Commercials, visited five schools in Northern Ireland to run RSW activities. They wanted to educate the children about their initiative: ‘STOP, LOOK, WAVE’ to ensure they could be safe near the road. As part of their events, they took a full-size McCulla truck in to the playground so the children could see how big trucks are compared to them. The children also got to sit in the driver's cabin so that they could experience what a truck driver would be able to see while driving. Read their release here.

RSW18 companies MECConsultingEngineer1MECC Consulting Engineer got involved with RSW by running community events and promoting why the company takes road safety seriously. Staff ran an assembly at a local school by using Brake’s presentation and animations, available through the free members’ area. The staff said they found the tools really useful and engaging. The company sent emails to external sources to raise awareness about Bike Smart and RSW. The week was used as a promotion for the company, as they managed to reach across their client base and explain why they run their service of providing engineering consultancy services to public and private sectors.
RSW18 companies ODonovanWaste5

O’Donovon Waste
ran an online media campaign promoting RSW, as they find it important to promote safety as a fleet operator. The waste management service hosted two exchanging places events, which included speaking to 500 children, giving them tips on road safety as well as explaining the danger on the roads. The children had a very busy day learning about blind spots; they sat in the lorries, while others stood on a mat representing the cycle space. This helped them understand lorry drivers’ blind spots and the difficulty drivers have seeing people when they cross the road or cycle.

RSW18 companies OCSGroupOCS Group, an international facilities management service, engaged their colleagues through road safety messages, posters and interactive games. The Cambridge OCS Parking team promoted awareness of the Bike Smart campaign with images on their bikes to encourage the public to talk about the dangers faced by cyclists. Colleagues at the Kensington and St James’s Royal Parks contracts took part in talks that were delivered to over 40 colleagues and entertained them with the interactive games.

rsw18 companies PBDonoghue WETRANSFER2PB Donoghue used the Week to engage their staff and members of the community with a range of road safety messages. The company held special toolbox talks for drivers, hung Smart Drivers are Bike Smart hangers on their steering wheels and placed information sheets on the seats. On the Wednesday, staff visited St Agnes School to raise awareness about blind spots with an educational workshop in the car park. Two scooters were donated as competition prizes for the children who made the best poster explaining what they’d learned throughout RSW. Staff from the company's Watford and North West London Cricklewood depots also attended a local school and presented children with reflective wristbands. The company posted a road safety fact on their social media channels every day during RSW.

RSW18 companies TalentInLogistics Superhero15
Talent in Logistics
took part in a Road Safety Superhero Day and scavenger hunt. RSW was promoted during their training courses which contributed towards donation funds. The company were keen to raise awareness of Brake and the road safety message,and did so by using the resources in the free action pack, including posters, stickers, balloons and a fundraising pack.


Brake static cycle 9Vision Express used RSW to highlight the importance of drivers having regular eye tests. The team visited companies with their ‘Vision Van’, giving free eye tests to staff. This helped promote their ‘Eye Tests Save Lives’ campaign which is committed to reducing around 3,000 road casualties each year. To mark RSW, Vision Express introduced a real-life challenge at the Oxford Street store where shoppers were invited to read a number plate on a motorbike from 20 metres away - the only current mandatory sight test for UK drivers. The activity was part of a wider campaign to encourage the public and Government to take driver vision seriously. In Ruddington, colleagues took part in a Virtual Cycle which was led by Bryan Steel, Olympic and World Cycling Medalist, and managed to reach nearly 50 miles in just one hour.

RSW18 companies WeybridgeSkipHireWeybridge Skip Hire management celebrated their staff involvement by awarding Brake’s RSW certificates. Ian Sharpling received his certificate for his continued efforts in promoting road safety, taking an active part in running talks with other drivers and promoting RSW. The company engaged with local schools and will be running a child safety programme in schools in 2019. They have also started a collaboration group with other local fleet operators to focus on road safety.

RSW18 companies WinnSolicitors St Lawrence Primary2
Winn Solicitors
donated nearly £900 worth of road themed equipment to St Lawrence Primary School in Newcastle. The school will use the equipment to talk to the children about the dangers they will face near the roads and how they can keep themselves safe. Winn Solicitors was keen to support the school in its local community so saw RSW as an ideal time to do this.


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