Educator activities 2018

Road Safety Week wouldn't be the same without the passionate participation of thousands of schools, educators, parents and children! We love to see so many enthusiastic people raising awareness about road safety, with some really creative activities and events. Thank you to everyone who used the Week not just to raise awareness, but also to raise funds for Brake's life-saving work - we will put every penny to good use!
You can read more in our evaluation report.

RSW18 Educators AlfretonNurserySchoolAlfreton Nursery School
in Derbyshire found that Road Safety Week fitted in well with their values of sustainable travel and the Modeshift Stars Awards. The children enjoyed the activities and colouring sheets, which taught them about road safety. The nursery used a set of working traffic lights on their bike track to learn about stopping their bikes and cars for the red light and waiting to cross safely with the green man. Local police officers also came into school to talk to the children about the importance of road safety.

RSW18 educators AllertonGrange1
Allerton Grange High School
in Leeds had a very busy week during Road Safety Week. The police came to visit school to talk to the children about speed awareness, road safety demonstrations and showed them how they use speed guns to monitor drivers' speeds.

English Martyrs email pic 2English Martyrs Catholic Primary School in Liverpool held a Wear Your Stripes Day as part of their Beep Beep! Day in RSW, so they could look like Zak the Zebra. Their crossing patrol lady held an assembly and reminded the children how to keep safe when walking and cycling to school and how to cross the road safety. The children put their knowledge in to practice by being a crossing patrol person in the playground to show their peers how to cross safely.

IMG 3329 SMALLFirst Class Nursery in Huddersfield used RSW to run a Beep Beep! Day with the children and even had a visit from Zak the Zebra! They talked about the importance of holding hands when crossing the road and wearing helmets when riding their bikes. They used the road map from the bumper pack to demonstrate how cars drive on the road and what the pedestrians needed to do to be able to cross safely. The children also got creative and used the colouring sheets to talk about the different colours of a traffic light and how they need to wait for the green man to show before crossing safely.

RSW18 educators HemstallsPrimary1Road Safety Awareness is a critical part of a child's education at Hemstalls Primary School in Newcastle. They invited Adept Vehicle Management to talk to the children about road safety in their morning assembly. They also used the resources from our free online action pack to run activities throughout the week and ordered a classroom pack for lots of extra resources.

RSW18 Educators LittleHandsNurseryLittle Hands Nursery
invited a policeman in to its setting in Cambridge to give a talk about road safety. The children even got to look inside a police car! The nursery made a huge traffic light so the children could practise crossing the road and the children brought in their bikes to have an expert look at them to make sure they were safe. Lots of activities were run throughout the week which included using Brake’s colouring sheets and the children designed their own helmets.

RSW18 logo bike smart TRANSLittle Tinkers Childcare and Education
in Cornwall promote walking to school all year round as they believe children's awareness of road safety is extremely important. They got involved with RSW as it was a great opportunity to communicate important road safety messages with parents, carers and families. The children went for a walk, looking at road signs in their community, discovering different shapes, colours and meanings before returning back to the classroom to create their own designs. The children counted the number of cars and traffic on the roads around their setting and wrote a road safety policy on what they thought was important. To highlight the importance of holding hands, the children painted their hands and created a poster for their grown-ups to see. It was a successful week and they plan to do even more next year.

RSW18 educators MurrayPrimaryTo promote RSW, the Junior Road Safety Officers at Murray Primary in Scotland presented a whole school assembly using Brake’s resources. They had some volunteers to help with role play and a visitor from Specsavers, who donated high vis vests for the whole school. The children used their vests after RSW while walking to a pantomime at their local theatre which made the pupils talk about why they were wearing the vests and the importance of road safety.

RSW18 educators StJosephsPrimary2.5

St Josephs in East Renfrewshire loved getting creative and designing their own helmets as part of Brake's competition. It also got the children talking about the importance of wearing a helmet while riding their bikes. The school also gave road safety assemblies to highlight important messages and promoted RSW and being Bike Smart in a newsletter to parents.

RSW18 educators StPatricksPSTroon2
The children at St Patrick's Primary School in Troon, Scotland, enjoyed learning about road safety in their lessons and assemblies. They talked to the whole school about important road safety messages and integrated activities in to their lessons. The local community wardens were invited along to conduct speed checks on the roads around the school with the school council. The children learned a lot about the importance of road safety and making sure that they can be seen in the dark during winter months.

RSW18 educators UtterbyPrimaryAcademy1.5
In Louth, Utterby Primary Academy used the posters to promote RSW and its messages to the children and their parents and families. The other activities and resources in the action pack led onto lots of discussions with KS1 children about road safety and why they need to stay safe near roads. They also ran a Beep Beep! Day for the early years children and made traffic light fruit skewers.


RSW18 educators WarrenPrimary9Warren Primary School in Essex encouraged the whole school to learn about road safety throughout the Week. The year six children took part in a workshop with help from the Co-op and Bikeability team at Thurrock Council, who worked together to talk to the children about how to be safe near roads. The children got to get hands-on with a Co-op truck, sitting in the truck to see what a truck driver can see. Each child was given a goody bag to take home to help get important messages to their parents and families. Year two were involved in different games where they had to balance and work together to form bridges and bumps, while others had to steer Brake’s selfie handlebars around the obstacles to get home safely.