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Educator activities 2019

Road Safety Week wouldn't be the same without the passionate participation of thousands of schools, educators, parents and children! We love to see so many enthusiastic people raising awareness about road safety, with some really creative activities and events. Thank you to everyone who used the Week not just to raise awareness, but also to raise funds for Brake's life-saving work - we will put every penny to good use!

RSW19 DuntonGreenPrimary
PC Boyden from Kent Police Roads Policing Team visited Dunton Green Primary School during RSW and worked with every class to talk about important road safety messages. He spoke about the basics of how and where to cross a road safely, the importance of wearing a seat belt and how to stay safe when walking or cycling near roads. The children even got to have a look at his police car and the specialised kit they carry.

RSW19 Educators Hotham Primary
Hotham Primary School
in London understand the importance of road safety for their children. They used the week to talk about road safety and promote important messages to parents. The children also brought in their scooters to learn how to ride safely near the roads.

RSW19 Brake Beep Layfield 14.5
Layfield Primary School
in Yarm took part in RSW by running road safety activities throughout the week. They ran a Beep Beep! Day on Wednesday with resources kindly donated by Blue for Jackson. They read a story called 'Cars Are Big and I Am Small' and talked about how to keep themselves safe around the roads, and how our streets can be designed to protect people. They even had a visit from Zak the Zebra who held an assembly to tell them about the safest way to get to school and cross the road.

RSW19 Educators Moseley School 3
Moseley School
in Birmingham raised awareness about how young people can step up for safe streets. Students highlighted the importance of wearing bright colours when out in the dark, and learned about road safety awareness and bike handling skills with training from Bikeability.

RSW19 Educators Mylnhurst School 6Mylnhurst School
in Sheffield was visited by a local police officer who talked to the children about road safety. The children were really engaged, asking lots of questions and sharing their road safety stories. They wore their stripiest clothes to look like Brake mascot Zak the Zebra, and walked to the local library so they could put what they'd learnt into practice by using a puffin crossing, looking at road signs and thinking about what keeps them safe.

Pilmuir School
Pilmuir Nursery ran a Beep Beep! Day in November as they’ve recently lost their crossing patrol officer and, as a group that go on a lot of outings, staff felt it was important to teach their children about road safety. The nursery let the children take home a mascot wearing fluorescent clothing each night, alongside a book to read with their parents. They made a display of Brake’s road safety resources in the centre which they will keep up to reiterate road safety messages. Small groups were taken out to practice crossing at safe places, holding hands and repeating stop, look and listen.

RSW19 RockinghamPrimary3Rockingham Primary in Corby know the importance of their children understanding how to cross roads safely as their school is situated on a busy main road. The EYFS children learned about using zebra crossings safely and KS1 read 'The Hodgeheg' and gave advice to the hedgehog about crossing the road safely. Lower KS2 designed posters to be displayed around school, highlighting the need for bright colours when it's dark out and upper KS2 wrote about the dangers posed by roads and why it is important to be aware of road safety.

RSW19 Educators Royal High School Bath web
Royal High School Bath
got involved in RSW to ensure that students knew how to keep themselves safe when out and about. They used the opportunity to discuss how safe they felt near the roads, using the selfie megaphones, and what needed to change to keep them safe. They displayed messages and infographics around school and highlighted what safety measures were most important to them.

SeahorsesThe children at Seahorses Flying Start in Swansea had an exciting visit from their crossing patrol officer and PCSO during their Beep Beep! Day. They played outside with toy cars and made their own zebra crossing to learn about safe crossing points. The children enjoyed stop and go games as well as making fruit kebabs in the colour of traffic lights to learn that red is stop and green is go.

RSW19 Educators Sir Robert Wood Academy1For RSW, Year 11 students from Sir Robert Wood Academy in West Sussex watched a performance of "The Passenger" from the Box Clever Company highlighting the importance of taking care when in friends' cars. Students also had assemblies about the importance of taking care on the roads, both as cyclists and pedestrians. They urged all parents to discuss the journey that their children make to and from school and reinforced the messages around taking sensible precautions when using the roads, especially those who travel by bike. They also held a memorial service near a local road in memory of those who tragically lost their lives crossing the road in the 80s and 90s, most of whom were students.

BBD19 Nov Warren Primary 4webWarren Primary School in Essex held a Wear Your Stripes day as part of their road safety event and raised an incredible £315. Over 100 children were involved in the school’s Beep Beep! Day, which included activities such as talking about road safety in assemblies, making a road safety display and learning about road safety in lessons. The school used Brake’s bumper packs to support their day, which helped the children to learn about holding hands and crossing roads safely.



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